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Coffee and Bag Making Sticker

Coffee and Bag Making Sticker

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Fireweed Exclusive Design

Transfer sticker is made of high-quality UV/DTV materials, so it's vibrant and long-lasting.  Perfect size to put on your cups, tumblers, and sewing machines and more. Ideal for expressing your humor and personality.

To apply your sticker, place the sticker on a solid surface and rub over it with your hand to ensure proper starting adhesion.  Remove the top clear film from the white backing.  The transfer tape will hold the individual pieces of your sticker design in place while you position it on your desired surface. Once your sticker is positioned where you want it press the transfer tape onto the surface to adhere it. Using a rigid  card apply pressure to the entire design to make sure it's fully adhered, slowly rubbing the card over the design. Finally, slowly peel the transfer tape away.  If the design doesn't stay as you slowly pull the transfer tape away use the rigid card and rub it in place again.

Measures appx: 2 1/2"  square.

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